Friday, 30 August 2013


So yeah, I've been absent for a wee little bit... ok so maybe a little more then wee, but just a little!! I've been crazy and once again my life has been completely turned around, but it's looking up up up!! and you need to be prepared for some serious creativity and cookery! This blog will be once more!

So I'm starting with this new market bag I just finished! Cute eh? I'm a big fan of it! I made one years ago in yellow but with my move and everything I tossed it! (to be fair it was super worn out at that point.) This one I've made in more neutral colors, It tends to be all I wear any who! Pastels and neutrals! 

So what can you look forward to you ask? Well I've bought stuff to begin my very first quilt. I'm also starting a hot water bottle cover, and my massive grey cuddly cable cardi is well on it's way at this point and I hope to finish it before the year end! My Cooking is still a bit lax, as I don't quite have my own kitchen yet, but I'll see what I can do about getting a little bit in there too! 

Promise to keep you updated this time! 


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