Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Trés Berry Galette

Blueberries... Strawberries... and Blackberries.... are what make up my Trés Berry Galette! I adore the taste of mix berries but for just two a whole pie never seems to get eaten! So I decided to turn my very special pie dough recipe into a single crust and form a small two person Galette.

My pie crust recipe has been adjusted many times in an attempt to perfect it, I really feel like I have the perfect crust down. However because of that it's top secret! So I absolutely can not post it, but you can use your own favourite pie crust recipe. Mine's an all butter crust which worked absolutely perfect for my Galette.

The insides consisted of a bit of lemon juice, tons of berries and a whole bunch of sugar! I added a bit of cornstarch also to thicken it up a bit so that it didn't wet the bottom crust too much and make it mushy. It worked out so well, one big golden crusted fruity, sugary, galette.


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